Change Execution

Change executionChange execution including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has enormous potential to transform business and increase growth opportunities. The acquisition of new products, market expansion and access to new clients presents a great opportunity for success—yet even the most experienced global organizations often fail in this endeavor.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review report, the majority of change management projects including M&A miss their intended goal 70 to 90 percent of the time. Yet, despite these findings, the business transformation trend continues to grow—with record-breaking sums of invested capital.

With this in mind, Vizen assists companies who need to address significant change events affecting growth and culture. We focus to optimize reorganization, and help achieve a strategic fit between two disparate businesses. We guide the critical success factors that connect the individual parts to the collective whole. Our team drives the entire planning and communication phase.

Facilitating a crystal-clear communication strategy

  • Selecting the best leaders for the right mentoring positions
  • Delivering a consistent connected executive message
  • Developing strategic stretch objectives that unite silos
  • Insuring mutual connection of vision and execution

Organizational Alignment Holds the Key

Vizen bridges the communication gap between the field workers and senior leadership by generating mutual shared values and understanding through an interactive communication process. Ownership, then, is established by holding everyone accountable for each other’s actions and decisions.

Competitive Advantages

  • Defines underlying root cause(s) and impact
  • Builds leadership connection and transparency
  • Creates long-term vision with consistent measurable action
  • Enables cross functional collaboration and cooperation

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