Leadership Retreat


The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI)

Join leadership expert John scherer and and talent specialist Amy Barnes for a 3 1/2 day leadership retreat. This is designed for intact teams- very powerful when leadership teams do the LDI together- the level of understanding and depth these sessions will have on communication, decision-making and closeness that will go far beyond any other experience in the market. This is important for leadership teams because how the whole group functions has widespread impact on the entire organization.


Tuition: TBD per executive (meals & accommodations extra)
Includes the LDI retreat Plus:

  • 30 minute pre-interview
  • 3 post 1/1 sessions
  • 3 post group calls


Outcomes to expect:

  • Build a greater sense of connectedness and trust with your direct reports, and customers
  • Increase team bonding and effectiveness at dealing with conflict and differences
  • Empower the best of who you are. Integrate your personal polarities—shadow and persona
  • Find your purpose and expand your personal power and capacity as a leader & mentor
  • Balance the “pulls” in life that split your time and focus—self, others, and mission

For more information or question, please contact: info @ vizenllc.com

“I’ve been the recipient of the LDI’s guidance for two decades. It has helped me merge companies, work through to my true self, and take my personal life to new heights. This process is as transformative as it sounds.”  -Ingvar Petursson, CFO, Nintendo
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