Executive Greenhouse

Executive GreenhouseThe Executive Greenhouse is an advanced leadership development program implemented to support significant interpersonal growth of high-potential stakeholders.

Vizen utilizes an incubator approach that divides individuals into small teams—group pods—that vary in size based on the scope of the project.  The curriculum is aligned with H.R to track progress.

This program is intended to expand the intellectual discipline of leaders by elevating how they think and influence their organization and culture. We incorporate an experiential learning process to promote a measurable change in behavior, critical thinking and decision making.

"Only 14% of companies feel their leadership pipeline is ready"- H.C Trends
  • Uncover outliers who possess exceptional potential
  • Develop optimal skills tailored to your organization
  • Align ideal qualities and traits best suited for succession
  • Screen to match top experience and acumen
  • Ongoing mentoring to galvanize learning with action
  • Focus on existing projects and work challenges
Call: 714.455.7435 | Email: info @ vizenllc.com
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