Leadership Models

Our leadership models incorporate four unique theories and approaches that provide a strong foundation to enable stability and performance in your teams and people.


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Adaptive Leadership is a leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations gradually adapt and thrive in challenging environments by providing tools and skills necessary to distinguish what’s essential from what’s expendable.


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Emotional Intelligence Theory suggests that when leaders possess the ability to recognize how others think, feel, and act—while simultaneously understanding and managing their own emotions—they inspire individuals to reach their potential.


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Transformational Leadership ultimately inspires followers to change expectations, perceptions, and motivations to work towards common goals. Trusted, respected and admired, transformational leaders create value by enhancing employee motivation.


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Servant Leadership emphasizes service to others before self. This holistic approach promotes a sense of community and the sharing of power in decision-making, and begins when a leader assumes the position of servant when interacting with followers.

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